Third Party Tools

Tools that help fuzzing with AFL++

Speeding up fuzzing

  • libfiowrapper - if the function you want to fuzz requires loading a file, this allows using the shared memory test case feature :-) - recommended.

Minimization of test cases

  • afl-pytmin - a wrapper for afl-tmin that tries to speed up the process of minimization of a single test case by using many CPU cores.
  • afl-ddmin-mod - a variation of afl-tmin based on the ddmin algorithm.
  • halfempty - is a fast utility for minimizing test cases by Tavis Ormandy based on parallelization.

Distributed execution

  • disfuzz-afl - distributed fuzzing for AFL.
  • AFLDFF - AFL distributed fuzzing framework.
  • afl-launch - a tool for the execution of many AFL instances.
  • afl-mothership - management and execution of many synchronized AFL fuzzers on AWS cloud.
  • afl-in-the-cloud - another script for running AFL in AWS.

Deployment, management, monitoring, reporting

  • afl-utils - a set of utilities for automatic processing/analysis of crashes and reducing the number of test cases.
  • afl-other-arch - is a set of patches and scripts for easily adding support for various non-x86 architectures for AFL.
  • afl-trivia - a few small scripts to simplify the management of AFL.
  • afl-monitor - a script for monitoring AFL.
  • afl-manager - a web server on Python for managing multi-afl.
  • afl-remote - a web server for the remote management of AFL instances.
  • afl-extras - shell scripts to parallelize afl-tmin, startup, and data collection.

Crash processing

  • AFLTriage - triage crashing input files using gdb.
  • afl-crash-analyzer - another crash analyzer for AFL.
  • fuzzer-utils - a set of scripts for the analysis of results.
  • atriage - a simple triage tool.
  • afl-kit - afl-cmin on Python.
  • AFLize - a tool that automatically generates builds of debian packages suitable for AFL.
  • afl-fid - a set of tools for working with input data.